My name is Anita Katakkar and I am the founder of Rakkatak Web Design. I have over twenty years of software design experience in a range of industries including healthcare, telecommunication, financial and social networking. I enjoy summarizing and clearly illustrating software design and architecture concepts. I thrive in environments where collaboration, research and learning are encouraged.

As a team lead, I am a facilitator of group sessions to share information, review design documentation and development work. I enjoy the satisfaction of translating functional requirements into stories for developers to begin work on.

As a product owner, I balance the need to minimize technical debt while ensuring we are continuously delivering demonstrable functionality, as we work towards release milestones.

As a full stack developer, I develop UIs and unit tests using TypeScript frameworks like Angular 9 and React. I am well versed in Java, having done Java development since 2002.

Lastly I create and customize WordPress websites for small businesses and arts based organizations. You can take a look at my Portfolio for some samples.