Doing a lil research…

Since AngularJS has been described as a Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework, I decided to give it a shot. BTW, MVW stands for “Model View Whatever”. It was termed this way since it is not close to the other MV* labels. It is not a MVC model as controllers exist for each view, so the closest thing has been described as a MVVM – where the $scope object could be considered the ViewModel that is being decorated by a function that we call a Controller. Since calling something MVVM for “Model View View Model” is a bit rediculous they decided to call the model MVW or “Model View Whatever”.


You can check out some of the apps that I dreamed up below:

Lehra application Beta 0.01

Email your MP Beta 0.01

Angular gives you a lot of flexibility to nicely separate presentation logic from business logic and presentation state. My only complaint thus far is the inability of filters to return objects rather than strings. If anyone has a solution for this I would love to hear it! I had to use a work around of creating more than 1 filter.

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